The Nike LeBron Witness 5 returns with its “Wheat” wheat color scheme

Nike has gone beyond a regular sports shoe company, and has been transforming itself into a sporting company that is useful in all situations and situations to meet as diverse the needs of its consumers as possible. from apparel to accessories and footwear. However, not everyone has enough income to own but genuine Nike shoes whose market prices are always around $ 100-200 and even more. . But Nike also understands this problem and is always looking for solutions to make all its products reach the hands of everyone. In particular, the item which is loved and appreciated the most by basketball people is always the amateur Signature lines.

If you are a baller, signature shoes will not be too strange, the shoe pattern is given the name of the player that the company signed, which means that every design of the shoe is interfered by the superstar. and participate in the design. Therefore, when basketball people go on the field, they always have a desire to wear the shoes of their idols. But these shoe versions often carry a pretty high price like the latest Lebron 18 which costs up to $ 200 . So will ballers with “less conditions” have to do so? That was the problem that was solved by Nike when they released low-cost versions of each line. For example, with the Lebron line when Nike released two low-cost versions, Solider and Witness. And in this post we will talk about the latest color scheme of LeBron Witness 5 which is popular in the cheap segment of this shoe line.

The versatile sole of the pair is the best, including a lightweight, breathable mesh to the toe that flaunts the sleek Wheat color scheme. The stitching details on the side, the heel TPU pad and the nylon ring on the tongue introduce a dash of the combination’s vignette, bringing the shoe into a springtime setting. For extra gentle accents, the lace rings, branding on the tongue label, and the midsole pad are yellow, namely the Light Zitron. The base unit itself is pretty cool, with Zoom Air cushioning technology for maximum comfort. The tanned rubber underfoot not only exhibits an intricate webbed design for enhanced traction, a closer look will see the acronyms of LeBron’s three children inscribed on the shoe and his motto. , “SFG” (Striving for greatness).

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