Decoding the unbelievably high price of the Air Jordan couple?

September 15, 1975, a completely new design was brought to the ring by legendary Michael Jordan. With a fine of up to $ 5000 for a match to wear this model at the time it was supposed to “throw money out the window”. Finally, over the years, Air Jordan has proven to the world that nothing is wasted, especially when you choose to invest in a color scheme of this shoe. With an unbelievably high resell price that many players have to chuckle, in this article with Retro Jordan 2021 there are more specific looks to uncover the rear curtain of Air Jordan.

Have you ever thought that there are shoes as valuable as the car or even the fortune. Capital is only for the super-rare versions that make the world hunt, Air Jordan himself also has his million-dollar representatives in this expensive Shoes Game.

High-end brand orientation
The opening must be the Chicago color scheme associated with Michael Jordan’s name, also known by the nickname “Banned”. The shoe pattern completely changed the game, not only changing the way athletes at that time chose basketball shoes, but also completely changing the culture and dressing style of the entire Chicago fanatic scene. This design is so perfect that it immediately drives the young people crazy. Not new shoes from luxury brands but an idol-like Nike shoe was the trend at that time.

It was also at this point that Nike began to demonstrate its extremely clever strategies when it began to release limited numbers for this line of shoes. No wonder the scene every time a new pair of shoes comes out is lined up to be able to copy your favorite color scheme.

The reseller market is also starting to thrive at this point when the return can be up to a few hundred percent with a single successful shoe hunt. The Air Jordan was the most expensive basketball shoe at the time when it retailed for a hundred dollars compared with just about $ 60 for a pair of Converse. But there’s no denying the technology has been dramatically improved as a new, more powerful generation defeats the Superstar of the last century. Especially fashion is full of personality that is difficult to find in previous versions.

Complete with latest technologies integrated. Certainly, when comparing the material of an Air Jordan pair with its contemporaries, they really have no doors. In addition to hiring the most state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at that time, only when experiencing the Air Jordan, consumers can truly feel the superior quality of these basketball shoes.

Completely handcrafted with incredible endurance enough for Michael Jordan to withstand legendary dunk. An admirable platform that guarantees 4 to 5 years of use in a single shoe.

Color schemes are associated with stories
Instead of making shoes that did not mean much, but completely dependent on the trends of the time, Air Jordan chose a separate path. Chicago is associated with the color of Chicago Bulls or UNC (University of North Carolina) – the university that Michael Jordan attended. Or Rookie of the Year – star of the year associated with victories to recognize after a successful season. It can be said that the line of shoes written on the success or events of a star’s life is a special highlight.

The title “champion’s shoes” deserves only to be worn by champions on their feet. And real-life stars are the ones we own Air Jordan. This sophisticated marketing strategy was used by adidas with its SuperStar pair before to make this design the most sought after shoe of the time. Even completely replaced the position of Converse, which accounts for 70% market share of American basketball shoes.

Great things are always written by stories that are so simple and reflect the personality of the person it represents. Imagine walking on foot in new shoes and connecting with your brothers with memories or stories of how difficult it was to buy shoes?

Because of such simple things, the Air Jordan becomes especially strange. A shoe is no longer just for everyday wear, it’s a part of our lives. Accompanying on every mile when each scratch is a memory that at the end of the journey, we suddenly realize our shoes and memories are merged into one. Maybe because it is too old, but can not continue to stick, just a little look back is still slow because of those memories that vibrate.

Conclusion with specific perspectives drawn from the history of formation and development of Air Jordan hopes to help decode this heavenly price. With part 2 to be released next, waiting for certain more modern colors to not be missed.

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