Can’t find a more perfect running shoe than the Nike Pegasus 37

For fans who love running, sports shoes are indispensable on each track. Understanding this mentality, the Nike sports shoe tycoon has in turn launched the quality and beautiful design versions since 1983. In particular, the Nike Pegasus version since its debut has quickly become. the second most popular item in the world. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 has been significantly improved by Nike over the previous generation suitable for everyone from beginners to long runners. The upgrades in the design and functionality of the Nike Pegasus 37 will be detailed by Retro Jordan 2021 through the following article!

Nike Pegasus shoe insole design 37
The big difference between the Nike Pegasus 36 and the Nike Pegasus 37 version is the insole design. Tycoon Nike removed the CushIon ST midsole, replaced by a 10mm zoom bag and fitted with a full-length React midsole. React technology is evaluated similarly to Boots of Adidas brand. Thanks to that, the sole is supported, slightly higher than the Nike Pegasus 35, 36 version. Users feel the feet are supported maximum, with a bounce that is suitable for running.

Many people love and are willing to pour money to own a Nike Pegasus 37 item immediately because of the steady mobility that this version brings. The general perception of users of Nike React sole is that the heel is flatter and there is not much difference between the toe and heel. Because the CushIon ST midsole has been removed. As a result, users avoid putting all the force on the tip of the toes, causing swelling, pain when too much exercise.

Suitable for all users of the Nike Pegasus 37
Another plus point that the Nike Pegasus 37 owns is the right size for all users. Previous Nike Pegasus versions have loyal to the Zoom Air section running from the tip to the heel, the Nike Pegasus 37 is only available in the toe part. Next, the intelligent React technology covering the entire sole will provide a smooth, light experience on each track.

More specifically, the Nike Pegasus 37 is designed in many sizes so that men and women can both display this stylish sports shoe item. Thanks to that, all sports fans who are passionate about running have the best practice.

Perfect friction of Nike Pegasus 37
You will easily see that the super product Nike Pegasus 37 has changed the design of the friction base compared to the previous “elder” Nike Pegasus 36. Instead of a small pentagonal friction base, the Nike Pegasus 37 consists of squares, rectangles and grooves that bend down from nose to heel. The neon blue covered in the sole is an impressive highlight that makes it extremely attractive to the opposite.

In particular, the base part is machined with high-quality rubber that is effective against abrasion. This gives the Nike Pegasus 37 excellent friction in all circumstances and conditions. Nike Pegasus 37 enduring with you to cross all trails, gravel roads, regardless of weather, rain or shine. Users do not need to worry about the slippery road surface causing you to fall with the Nike Pegasus 37.

Accessories Nike Pegasus shoes 37
Shoe laces are only accessories but play an important role in fixing shoes to fit the wearer’s feet. User easily connects to lacing holes to keep feet firmly encircled. Lacing will not happen when you are running or doing vigorous movements. The slip-slip error is very common in all types of sports shoes on the market. But with the Nike Pegasus 37, this doesn’t happen at all.

The design of the shoe collar is flared to help people not get hot and rub during the exercise. Therefore, sports shoes enthusiasts have always been conquered by the Nike Pegasus 37 from the very first day of the launch of the super product.

Durable material of Nike Pegasus 37
Following the previous generation, the Nike Pegasus 37 remained loyal to the mesh design. Although there is a little change, the super product Nike Pegasus 37 is evaluated by the user to have a design similar to the Nike Pegasus 35 and 36 versions released earlier. In addition, high-quality rubber sole material helps people walk steadily on all the ways without worrying about abrasion and slippery. Pegasus 37 version from the Nike tycoon deserves to be the number 1 choice of shoe enthusiasts.

Advantages of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

  • Peagus 37 has React shoe cushions combined with zoom pod in the nose providing the ability to return energy like springs for each step;
  • Comfortable hugging shoe body makes almost no uncomfortable feeling or tightness;
  • The inside of the shoe is free of rubbing seams and the fabric does not irritate the skin;

Shoe weight slightly heavier than Pegasus 36 but has better energy response.

  • The rubber coating on the shoe provides good grip even in rainy conditions.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Cons

  • Some users said that the shoe body has no outstanding airiness compared to the old 36 generation;
  • Lanyards are slightly short due to the fabric ties extending the threading path.

Conclusion on the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Overall, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 received quite a lot of positive feedback from real users. The shoes scored 91/100 on the Run Repeat. Many users appreciate the innovative technology with the emergence of React cushioning combined with Zoom Pod for high bounce during running but still quiet and stable grounding to help protect bones and joints. Modern React shoe sole replaces CushIon ST for ideal foot support and bounce.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 continues to be a shoe suitable for all types of runners whether beginners or have advanced training. If you are looking for sports shoes to run, exercise, then surely Pegasus 37 from Nike is an expensive suggestion for you to refer. Note that you must choose the right shoe size for your feet to exercise the most comfortable. You should avoid buying shoes that are too tight that can hurt your feet, and shoes that are too loose can interfere with movement.

Through the above article, you must have learned more interesting things and general evaluation of the super hot hit Air Zoom Pegasus 37 of Nike. Also, keep watching and updating the news about fashion and sneakers on the official website of Retro Jordan 2021 so you don’t miss the hottest news of the day! Besides, the shoes mentioned in the article are also available at Retro Jordan 2021 so don’t hesitate to drop by Retro Jordan 2021 today so that we can help you have the best experience at the store!

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